Battery Systems

Energy Storage Systems

When the grid goes down, we shine.

Californians know all too well the hazards of grid outages and planned blackouts. With a SunPower SunVault battery as your storage system,  your power and lights are always on.

Batteries store solar energy when the sun is shining and dispatching it later in the day, when electricity prices are higher. And if there’s an electric vehicle in your future, the SunVault is there for you, ready to charge the vehicle on clean, low-cost energy.

For businesses with high energy use, an integrated solar energy plus energy storage system can also avoid the high demand charges hidden in your bills. We are certified installers of the Tesla Powerpack system, a state-of-the-art commercial battery system designed for efficiency and long life.

All Bay Solar offers SunPower SunVault, Enphase Encharge and the Tesla Powerwall energy storage solutions.

Contact us to learn more about how energy storage can optimize your solar energy system.

Sunvault installation
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