Solar for Bay Area Homes

Residential Solar Energy Installations for the Bay Area

Solar is growing faster in California than any other state in the country. More than 3 million solar energy installations have been built across the U.S. to date, with 1.3 million in California alone. The reason is simple: Californians pay more for electricity (by far) than any other state in the nation. But saving money isn’t the only reason Bay Area households are choosing solar energy faster than any other form of energy.

Why go solar in California today?

  • Reduce or eliminate your electric bill
  • Shrink your carbon footprint and avoid harmful emissions from conventional energy sources
  • Avoid blackouts with the addition of an energy storage system
  • Take advantage of the 26% federal Investment Tax Credit (through 2022)
  • Solar warranties insure your energy investment for 25 years or more

As a SunPower certified company, we offer the most reliable solar panels in the industry, designed to withstand extreme heat and cold, as well as wind and salt spray common in coastal areas.

SunPower panels are so efficient they generate more clean energy than any other solar panel on the market. With an industry-leading 25-year warranty, SunPower panels can meet all your energy needs today – and tomorrow. 

Our team of qualified and experienced technicians carefully prepare for solar panel installations. From initial consultation to solar system installation, we strive to make the installation process as smooth as possible.

Exceeding customer expectations is extremely important to us, which is why we focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Contact us today to get a free quote on a home solar energy solution.

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