Solar for Bay Area Businesses

Why Should Your Business Consider Solar Energy?

Many businesses today are going solar for one smart reason: to save money. In California, businesses pay more for electricity than any other state in the nation. But the benefits of solar for Bay Area businesses go far beyond saving money.

Build a More Sustainable Business

Businesses today are turning to renewable energy as part of an overall strategy to be more responsible, sustainable businesses. On-site solar for your business (or nonprofit) creates a sense of pride among employees, customers and community..

Reduce Your Tax Burden

The federal Investment Tax Credit enables businesses to offset up to 26% of the cost of your system if construction begins before the end of 2022. The depreciation benefits add even more savings..

Support Clean Energy Jobs in California

Nearly 70,000 people work in the solar industry in California, and the state continues to rank #1 for solar installations. When your business goes solar, you’re doing more than building a sustainable business: You’re building a clean economy that’s delivering returns in your own community.

If you’re interested in an on-site commercial solar system, please get in touch today.

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